Behind the Scenes Video from the latest concept shoot!

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This was such a fun shoot!

Some of you may remember my first concept shoot that I went on with KellyK Photography, Fire + Ice, well I fell in love with it and wanted to organize my own and was very grateful for Kelly in helping me with this and inspiring me!  Jodi was amazing at posing how she just breezed through, she made it look so effortless it left me in amazement.

Enjoy the video and leave some love 🙂

I want to give a big thanks to all the models: Nicole, Alexandra, Brianna, Samantha, Lexi & Justine for your participation in my first concept shoot.  To Shayna & Stephanie the MUA’s and to fellow photographers Kelly Swart from KellyK Photography, Jodi Bella from Bella Studios and Rick Bella for making the video!  Also a big thanks to the mom’s behind the scenes too.

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